Online Counselling

Individual Counselling

If in-person appointments are not possible or preferable for you, you may want to consider online psychotherapy and counselling. 

I offer online appointments to individuals who want to work on challenges such as anxiety, depression, transition to university, transition to the workforce, marriage, parenthood, quarter-life or mid-life crisis, relationship problems and stress.

Online therapy can be very effective and offers the benefits of:

  • Convenience - Attending appointments online means less time away from home or work. There's no worry about traffic. You simply attend your appointment via a secure video-based platform from wherever you are comfortable.

  • Comfort - Sometimes it's just too anxiety producing to even think about attending in-person therapy. For some people online therapy can feel less daunting and more comfortable than talking to someone in person, especially when revealing personal or private information.

  • Accessibility - Online therapy can provide access to those who can’t make it into an office. In this case online therapy may be the only option to access help.

  • Covered by Benefits - If you have health benefits that cover Registered Psychotherapist  you can use this towards online therapy appointments with Kate Babetin. *Always confirm with your insurance provider.