Are you searching for inner peace? Is there something that you wish to change? Perhaps you feel stuck? Maybe you feel overwhelmed with thoughts or emotions?

Do you want to change dysfunctional patterns and heal the wounds that block you from achieving your full potential in life?  Holistic Psychotherapy can help you open your mind and free your soul to achieve a deeper level of well-being and self-acceptance.  


With my warm, caring, empathic nature I can help guide you through the process of self-discovery. I use an integrative approach which draws from several therapeutic modalities depending on what best suits YOU.

The aim of this type of psychotherapy is for you to develop self-awareness and an understanding of how your past experiences and relationships influence your present feelings, emotions, thoughts, behaviors and body.  


Together we can work on a variety of issues such as: depression, anxiety, stress, relationship problems, childhood abuse, trauma, existential crisis, life changes (such as completing education and entering the workforce, getting married, becoming a parent).

In any style of psychotherapy or counselling the relationship between you and the therapist is the key your healing. This is why I offer a 20 minute phone consultation free of charge, so that you have a  chance to sense if I would be the right counsellor for YOU. 

Psychotherapy in Ancaster. Counselling in Ancaster.

Psychotherapy in Hamilton. Counselling in Hamilton.